Why & How


The target of the EU of reducing by 20% its total emissions within 2020 has activated actions both in private and public sector. Renovation of buildings emerges as an urgent issue, but there is lack of knowledge on performance/cost characteristics of advanced component and systems for efficient renovation of buildings.

Moreover, while incentives are given to private sector, Local Authorities face severe limitations of budget.
TEESCHOOLS aims at providing new solutions to Local Authorities both in technical and financial terms to implement Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) renovation activities in Mediterranean Schools. 



  • Testing and validating a software tool for pre-auditing and calculating carbon footprint for renovation activities. The tool will be designed for municipality managers, decision makers and technical staff to support design of more advanced strategies for schools retrofitting and strategies of intervention
  • Proposals of innovative financing mechanism tailored to the needs of the target areas, with the cooperation of HEP ESCO and aimed at creating links between private/public funds. These solutions have been applied in some countries (Italy, Austria and Germany) while other are lagging behind. The use of these schemes will support the definition of concrete local action plans
  • Innovative NZEB renovation measures proposed for the pilots will be inventoried in a database of novel technical solutions developed in the project thanks to the transnational collaboration and building on the existing experience of previous projects.
  • On-line training solutions: the managers will receive training in the financial, environmental and energy aspects of NZEB renovation of public buildings. E-learning course will build on the topics of the training of the previous programming period and the results of it.

The opportunity to invest the funds of the 2013-2020 smart cities in retrofitting the schools will be explored. The project will allow public sector to become a leading example to mobilize further private capitals for energy efficiency market.

The approach is innovative as it supports Local Authorities/Schools energy managers in all steps of designing an effective strategy for NZEB renovation.
In order to ensure the achievement of these objectives, TEESCHOOLS partnership gathers a balanced combination of regions with different development levels, different cultures and contexts, covering a broad geographical scope across Europe.