World cafe and External training in 7 countries

Two interested events per country have been scheduled for October 2018, an external training and a world cafe.

Some partners preferred to organise the events in two different days and most of them to join the two events in one and prepare a whole day event organized as following:

A first introduction of the tool describing the specific features followed by practical application of national cases

A short seminar organized in two – three presentations of the topic that have been detected as the most interesting one during the training needs analysis per each country 

A world cafe organized by one or more competent persons (if they cannot be found inside the organization, an external hiring may be needed) around the topic that national partners will decide

A final evaluation questionnaire, which will be delivered and collected.

The scheduled dates are: 

Italy: 25th October 

Spain: 30th October

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 24th & 25th October

France : 25th October

Greece : 22nd October 

Croatia: External training course - 29th October (in Zagreb) and World cafe – 30rd October (in Split)

Cyprus: TBD