Virtual Regional Conference on 14th of July

A virtual conference entitled “Project outputs and fund opportunities for the municipalities” is scheduled for the 14th of July.

All the presentations will be in greek language. This is the 2nd and last Regional Conference organised by the greek partners and will be held at 13:00-15:00. The basic target group is municipality and school staff.  

Main aim of the conference is to inform the participants about the project outputs, which are: 

  1. A friendly-user web tool for the stakeholders, LA technical staff, energy managers, which can also be used by non-experts, to perform simplified energy diagnosis of school buildings based on a minimum set of data on the building characteristics. The tool allows to perform a simplified evaluation of the building's energy performance and to choose the improvement actions with the best cost / benefit ratio. The tool is adapted to Mediterranean climate zones and allow to calculate the improvement of carbon footprint of the building after its energy renovation 
  2. A 52-hours, freely accessible e-learning course on the efficient management of energy  in buildings and on TEESCHOOLS methodology The successful integration of the test leads to certificate from the project coordinator ENEA 

The concept of Energy efficiency in school buildings, Challenges and opportunities will be developed in relation to the particular situation of covid-19. 

The Conference will be enriched with the project video projection to share the partnership  vision for this energy efficiency - oriented project. Open lessons organised at more than 10 schools in the Perfecture of Attica in Greece will be presented explaining the necesssity of pupils’ behavioural change on energy issues. Fund opportunities for school buildings’ energy upgrade is the presentation title of the executive person of Green Fund, Department of the Ministry of Environment.  

The energy transition through the schools’ example will be developed by an Academic Councillor of the University of West of Attica and will conclude with the presentation of the MOU signed between the Municipality of Nea Smirni and EGTC Efxini Poli.  

Press here for the Conference agenda and here for your registration. The webex connection link is: