Teeschools web tool as a good practice at the Greenability project webinar

Three good practices presented in a webinar organized by the GREENABILITY project partners in June 2020.

Having a clear and complete picture of energy consumption and getting to know how to reduce it is an important information for poor families and Third Sector Organizations (TSOs) providing social services for children, youths, the elderly, families, the disabled and the disadvantaged people, both at their home and inside dedicated structures like care homes.

But how to get this kind of data?

Three solutions implemented by GreenAbility project partners were presented during a webinar, which took place on 9 June and was attended by GreenAbilility partners and and other stakeholders working on energy issues within TSOs.

These digital applications are be able to “take a picture” of energy consumption in a household or in a whole building and returning practical indications and advice to reduce consumption and costs.

They are good practices replicable in other countries and contexts.

Common aim for all of them is to evaluate the level of consumption of the building - school, nursing home, public office, condominium, single house, etc. - and to offer solutions to help both low-income households and Third Sector Organizations (TSOs) to tackle energy poverty.


1. Improve your School

Web tool of ENEA, it was created as part of the TEESCHOOLS - Transferring Energy Efficiency in Mediterranean Schools project (https://teeschools.interreg-med.eu/(link is external)) which aims at developing an integrated strategy for Mediterranean countries to support Public Administrations in energy renovation of public school buildings.

The web tool allows school buildings stakeholders to evaluate the energy profile of the building and estimate the energy savings achievable through renovation activities and also to indicate if a detailed energy audit is required and which interventions – retrofitting, upgrading of plants and systems etc. - can provide significant savings.

Download ppt presentation(link is external)


2. Condomini + 4.0

The Condomini +4.0 APP was presented by ENEA.

It’s a free app which provides support to assess the energy and seismic vulnerability of public residential buildings.

After filling a few forms - on the heating system, cooling system, domestic hot water system, ventilation, electric energy and lighting, etc. – users get a report with elements of structural vulnerability and structural interventions and solutions required to reduce energy consumption and costs.

For its specific and detailed approach Condomini +4.0 is a tool for professionals with technical expertise like energy managers, maintenance/facility managers, architects, engineers etc. for a first evaluation of energy use, costs and more effective efficiency initiatives to implement.

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3. Enersoc

The energy management web tool presented by Ecodès is for social operators helping vulnerable people to save on energy bills. It was developed from the experience gained since 2013 helping almost 4,800 households in Spain.

Enersoc is a guide for easy energy diagnosis and allow to collect data of the socio-economic situation of the families, the conditions and equipment of their households, energy consumption and the type of their energy contracts.

The app generates a customized report with recommendations on many issues: energy efficiency habits, optimization of electricity contracts, social bonus and microenergy efficiency measures. Using this report social operators can monitor if the recommendations are implemented and can provide further support if needed.

The collected data contribute to reporting vulnerability and energy poverty at municipality and regional level.

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These digital applications will be presented and discussed also during next GreenAbility Learning Teaching Training Activities involving TSOs managers, operators, caregivers and volunteers in Italy, Spain and France.