Teeschools e-learning courses on ENEA platform

TEESCHOOLS e-learning course on energy efficiency tools is now available on ENEA - Lead Partner - platform.

ENEA picks up the torch from FVMP (Teeschools Spanish partner), that hosted the e-courses on their platform during the last 8 months and the new link is: https://elearning.enea.it/course/index.php?categoryid=71.

It is important to mention that the platform aims to familiarize professionals, experts and students from 7 Mediterranean countries - Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus - with energy efficiency issues. 

Providing that the participant succeeds in the evaluation test of 13 e-courses - success over 70% - , gets a 52-hours course certificate entitled “Findings and tools of Teeschools project”. The participant can register in the platform and repeat the test as many times as he/she likes. 

In order to register for the e-course and  get username and password, users need to send an email to teeschools.project@remove-this.enea.it  with:

-Name and Surname



-work position