Regional Conference on the 4th of December in Volos, Greece

On the 4th of December 2019, Efxini Poli and Living Prospects, the Teeschools project Greek partners and the University of Thessaly, the LP of MED Greenhouses project will organize the International Conference for Energy Efficiency & Green Growth in Volos.

The plan is to host at the same day but in a separate session, the Regional Conference about Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in the context of Teeschools Project and the Final Conference about  Sustainable Agriculture & Energy Efficiency in the context of MED-Greenhouses project. 

The coorganisation aims to increase the visibility of the event, maximise the effects and the impact of the conference and create SYNERGIES between MED projects. 

Furthermore, the Final Conference will be both about Green Growth & Energy Efficiency, themes very relevant with the MED-Greenhouses (Energy Efficient greenhouses using innovative technologies) and TEESCHOOLS.

This approach is only expected to enhance the impact of both projects and create synergies between MED Communities & Projects. In this context, the horizontal communities of both projects have been invited in the event.

More details kindly find on the agenda

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