Open lessons to school environmental groups, Greece

It was a great pleasure to communicate the energy rules to students of the 1st Junior High school of Agios Dimitrios in Athens, who were obviously interested in environmental issues.

The target group of the recent open lessons in Greece was the environmental team of this school, consisted of 35 pupils, who use to participate in environmental activities, protecting our planet. The activity was also attended by the school staff and the dean of the school.

Two more open lessons of this very interesting project activity are planned to be held at the 1st Junior High school of Voula on a date that has to be confirmed. The involved pupils are also included in the environmental team of the school, 34 in total. Two open lessons have been already held on December 13th, 2019 at this school for first graders, but we received the kind request from the dean of the school to extend the activity on the environmental school team. The request was accepted by Greek project partners, EGTC Efxini Poli and Living Prospects and will be held soon.

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