Final project event in Greece on 14th of July

A successful TeleConference on Teeschools project was held on 14th July 2020

The Conference was virtual, complying with the instructions about covid-19. Main objectives of the Conference were the dissemination of the project outputs and results, the sensibilisation of the attendees on the activities related to energy efficiency increase and students awareness on energy issues. It was one more opportunity to present the webtool, which was produced through the project accompanied by the tutorial in greek subtitles. The open lessons activity in numbers and photo display was presented, passing on the torch to another important project output, the e-learning platform. 500 participants so far and still promising, as the Italian project coordinator committed to keep the platform active for another 3 years after the project closure. The puzzle of energy efficiency in school buildings was perfectly completed with the funding opportunities addressed to municipalities presenting by the representative of Green Fund, the department of the Ministry of Environment. The energy-less oriented conference was finalised with the presentation of a Researcher of University of West Attica on energy transition in schools.