Efxini Poli presented Teeschools in CESBA MED Training Event in Athens

A training day was organised on 30th October by CESBA MED project in Athens.

Efxini Poli, Teeschools Communication Lead Partner participated in the training, presenting our project and its achievements so far. The morning session was devoted to decision makers on the role of local authorities in sustainable development plans and it was very well attended by over 30 people. Opening presentations were made by Mr Tsiamis Member of the KEDE Administrative Board (Central Union of Municipalities of Greece), Mr Apostolopoulos Vice Mayor Municipality of Athens, Mr Pappous Mayor Municipality of Fylis, and Mr Maniatogiannis Mayor Municipality of Vrilissia.

The afternoon training course was devoted to technical professionals with an in depth presentation of the electronic educational material that have been prepared during the project on the sustainability key performance indicators and hands on experience on the use of the CESBA MED Tools for the sustainability assessment of buildings and neighborhoods.

All the presentations (in Greek) are available at www.energycon.org/cesba_med_registration/CESBA_MED_Oct30_Presentations.rar