Coordination meeting in Zagreb

Communication Coordination meeting took place in Zagreb on 12th December 2017.

The meeting was organized by HEP ESCO with the participation of ENEA (Teeschools LP) and City of Split (Teeschools partner). 

The agenda of the meeting included issues related to WP2, WP3 and WP4. Most of the time was dedicated to WP3, because of some unsolved issues. 

In details, the agenda topics were: 


Planning communication events (HEP ESCO with City of Split)

Various financial reporting issues


Procurement issues (City of Split)

Results of audits – financial data

Final questionnaire for all partners expected results

Expected deliverable contents and layout

Extension of the deadline (31.03.2018)

Extension of use resources and external costs

Analysis of the external expertise of the optimal financial model


Planning joint activities, events and trainings within WP2 and WP4